For some people, having a huge barbeque everyday can be a huge pain in the butt. Despite the results, it can take forever to set up and clean up. During the winter, it is also near impossible to be able to stand outside and get that get BBQ feel. But you’re in luck! Most companies have adapted to these issues and created a perfect indoor grill! These bad boys are awesome. They’re easy to set up and worth every penny spent on them. It makes grilling so much easier in time crunches, and weather dilemmas. We put together a list of some of the best indoor grills for your shopping experience. These are the best the market has to offer and will surely improve your indoor BBQ experience!

Here we go!

10, NutriChef Electric Grill:

This indoor grill is perfect to roast fish. It has built in top and bottom heating element cookers to make sure everything gets prepared fully. Most people can really mess their food up when they try to manually flip their food. Well that problem is gone with the NutriChef. There is no need to flip your food. The built in film reduces those horrible odors that never seem to disappear. One thing you can do to “spice” up dinner is to add water to create a steamy, unique taste to everything. To make sure that you don’t forget to take the stuff off the grill, there is a built in timer that will make sure everything is cooked to the best of it’s potential. All in all this is a really solid grill for only $70. It is relatively cheap compared to other indoor grills on the market, but for $70 it covers all of the necessary things and gets the job done.

9, George Foreman GRP99 Next Generation Grill:

This grill comes in at number 9 on our list for a variety of unique reasons. This one can fit perfectly on any countertop for easy use. It makes it super easy to store and take back out for re use. The design on this puppy is specially designed to make sure that the fat on your meat is perfectly cooked to your liking. To confirm it is cooked correctly, there is a built in LED temperature control panel and timer for each use. All of the plates that come with it are dishwasher safe. This comes in at #9 on our list because it really gets the job done correctly and won’t break the bank. Even though it is priced slightly less than most of the other grills, it still is a perfect choice for any family that is looking to have a great BBQ inside!

8, T-fal GC702 OptiGrill:

This family friendly grill is a very good economic choice. It is priced slightly under some grills but for the price, you get a great bundle of add ons. First off, it comes with two different cookbooks to help you decide what’s for dinner tonight. There are Manual built in settings to help you adjust to whatever type of meat of your choosing. Along with the specific settings, there are programs for even more in depth cooking. This grill really covers everything that an indoor grill needs. It has special grill plates that can easily be removed and washed. All in all, this a super good choice for indoor grills. You get everything needed to make sure each and every dinner is cooked to perfection.

7, T-fal GC704 OptiGrill Stainless Steel Indoor Electric Grill:

Grill 7 is one of the most unique grills on this list. It is one of the most user friendly indoor grills on the market. It has an option to automatically grill your food for you. This grill has 6 built in programs to help you make sure you are getting every drop of perfection out of your food. One of these programs includes a frozen mode. When heating up food that is frozen, it specially heats it up so it tastes fresh and juicy as if it just came from a 5-star restaurant. You will always know what the grill is “feeling” because of the different lights built in so you know when it is ready to start cooking perfection. All in all this grill is super good to help rookie cookers, and really brings out the full potential of your food. The price is alittle more expensive but is still a great buy, and can easily be found online.

6, Gourmia GDG1900 Digital Dual Indoor Grill:

Coming in at number 6, a super well designed grill. This is a dual threat grill. You can grill different foods at different temperatures. Now, everybody can get what they want for dinner and everyone is happy! You can also program the grill to manually grill both sides of whatever meat you are cooking to make sure everything is cooked to perfection. The whole bundle that comes with this grill is really ideal. You don’t need to spend tons of extra money on extra things because most things needed to cook are included. It has different types of pots and pans, stands for kabobs, and grill baskets for hot wings. In sum, this grill is priced very well and includes tons of unique features. We recommend it because the whole bundle has everything that you need to cook the second you walk in the door.

5, Zojirushi EB-DLC10 Indoor Electric Grill:

Getting down to some of the top grills on the market today, grill 5 is a little bit larger than some of the other indoor grills. It has a huge cooking surface so that you can start cooking tons of different meats all at once. It is one of the highest watt cookers on the market and can easily tackle the most thick of any meats. This grill is also one of the best grills to clean and store. You can disassemble the grill for easy store and to fully wash to make sure the next time you use it, it has the same perfection as the first time. The stainless steel body makes the grill look professional. Unlike most grills, this grill has a 1 year warranty on every part that comes with it. We have this grill at #5 because you are really getting a sturdy, easy to use grill. It is priced a little higher than some of the devious ones mentioned but it also comes with a lot of unique features.

4, Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite Grill:

At number 4, we have one of the most pricey grills on the market, but let us explain. This grill is really one of the top grills available. You can cook your foods at 6 different options. But going off that, there are multiple zones so every piece of food that you grill can be cooked exactly how you want, all at once. Everything inside of the grill can be removed for easy cleaning, and easy storage. There is a top cover to make sure nothing around the grill catches on fire. You can cook foods at 500 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 2 minutes at a time for maximum grilling right away. We really like this grill because it is built to last. You can really do a ton all at one time on this grill. We understand that it is priced more, but you are getting every last penny out of it. It gets the job done right.

3, T-Fal GC712D54 OptiGrill Plus Stainless Steel Indoor Electric Grill:

Number 3, again like number 4, is priced higher, but you get a ton for your money. This indoor grill cooks meat at 1800 watts. You are going to get your food cooked quickly, and make sure it turns out perfectly. There is an option for an automatic sensor. Basically, the food can cook it self. The grill can automatically see how much more cooking a piece of food needs and adjust the temperature and time remaining. There are built in programs for again, that automatic cooking idea. The built in lights show you exactly how cooked your food is and when it is time to pull it off. This grill can really do it all, and it built to last. You will see consistent results from this well built, family ready grill.

2, Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill:

If you are looking to spend money, this is your grill. We ranked this grill at 2 for the beautiful structure it has. This indoor grill can easily open up into what is described as “BBQ” mood. You can get that great outside smell inside in as few as 10 seconds. There are 6 well designed settings to make sure that everything is cooked to your liking. Each and every tray is removable to make sure that everything gets cleaned off. The trip dray comes out right away as well. You can cook almost anything on this 1800 watt beast. We really like this grill because of the many different things it can do. It is built perfectly and includes everything an indoor grill needs.

1, Philips HD6371/94 Indoor Grill:

Finally, our top rated indoor grill for 2017. This grill is an absolute beast. This is one of the highest price grills on the market, but is also the best option around. It has what is described as the most advanced, up to date technology. There are special reflectors that are used to heat up the meat to perfection. You can set this grill up in 1 minute, and preheat in 6 minutes. Because of this, dinner will be ready so quickly. You can easily disassemble this grill to wash and store. We have it ranked the highest because of the technology inside. You basically don’t need to do a thing to cook dinner. It really is one of the most unique designed grills around.